The List of Hangover Cures That Are Guaranteed to Work

It´s easy to find a list of hangover cures on the internet. What are hard to find though are the cures that actually work. If you´re tired of trying out different hangover cures that simply won´t work, you might want to try some of the remedies listed below. Aside from being easy, these cures are also used by many since they always work.

It is advisable to take a hot and long bath the next morning. It helps ease the nerves in your body and it gets rid of that dirty feeling that you might have that is caused by having too much fun the night before.

Drink vitamin C and vitamin B the next morning. This can help with he fact that alcohol breaks down the vitamin C in the body. Aside from restoring your body´s normal vitamin C level, it can also make your hangover a lot more manageable. On their other hand, vitamin B can help the body ingest the alcohol that you just drank the night before a lot better.

It is also advisable to drink coke or coffee. What these drinks do is give you a shot of energy. One proven treatment for nausea is eating something that has a lot of sugar which is why coke is highly advisable. Just make sure that you don´t put too much sugar though since it can cause other complications like diabetes and a lot of other health complications that are related to taking in too much sugar.

Finally, the best hangover cure that you can do is taking pain killers. You don´t need a doctor´s prescription for them and they are guaranteed to get rid of the headache and all the other pains that you might have. However just like eating sweet foods, you have to take these medications moderately. It is more effective though if you take it before going to bed after a night of drinking.