Hangover Effects: Things That You Should Be Prepared For

If you´re planning to go out to party and drink yourself to sleep, then the type of liquor that you´ll be drinking should not be the only thing that you plan about. You should also be aware of the hangover effects that you will be facing the morning after. Also, don´t even assume that just because you have been drinking for so many years now that you are immune to these hangover effects. Here re some of these hangover effects.

You will experience headaches since high alcohol levels in the body can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is the thing that causes the brain to pull away from its inner lining. This is the main thing that causes the headache to become worse.

Being sensitive to different environmental stimulus such as loud noises and bright lights are also one of the most famous hangover effects. This problem is brought upon the fact that alcohol can cause the central nervous system to become hyperactive. Once this happens, you will feel sensitive to every single stimulus around you.

Nausea and vomiting : In order for your body do keep up with the alcohol that you just took in, your pancreas has to amp up the production of digestive chemicals. Also, these hangover effects are caused by the production of digestive chemicals.

Dehydration and frequent urination is also caused by the kidneys´ lack of ability to absorb water after drinking. This is why your body feels dehydrated and why your body feels the urge to urinate very often.

Dry mouth and throat : Aside from the fact that the body is in a dehydrated state after a night of drinking, alcohol can also cause the mouth and throat to dry up which only intensifies the feeling of being dehydrated.

Another hangover effect is fatigue which is brought upon by low blood sugar levels. One of the functions of blood sugar is to give energy to the body. If the blood sugar is too low, then the muscles won´t have enough energy to move.